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Your sponsorship ensures every animal adopted from Tri-City Animal Shelter is spayed or neutered before they join their new family. 

Lynne Turner
Pam Steuben
Laura & Brian Wallace
 Judith Napier
 Judy Whetzel
Jan Hitchborn
Mary White
Pamela Bethel
Jill & Harold Elems
Teril & Dick Woodward
Gay & Charlie Fischer
The Palmgrens
Molly M.
Paul Hawkins
Linda Armijo
Bill & Lorie Duncan
Lisa & Micki
Carolyn & Chuck Skeels

We are often asked, "How can I help?"

One of the greatest struggles shelters face is the near constant influx of unwanted, abandoned, and stray dogs and cats.  Finding homes for all of these animals is daunting and, in many ways, heartbreaking work.


We are so thankful for those organizations and individuals who work tirelessly to respond to this problem, locating a home for as many of these animals as possible. Their contributions are desperately needed.


Here at Friends of Tri-City, we are focusing on the other side of the issue of pet overpopulation by targeting our dollars toward prevention.  Spaying and neutering animals is the most effective way to reduce the number of dogs and cats flooding into our shelter (and others all across the nation).  We will never be able to keep up with the demand for homes until we curb the overwhelming number of litters being born every year.


For the last three years, the Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter has subsidized the cost of spaying or neutering EVERY animal adopted from the shelter. This is a costly initiative, even with the deep discounts provided by our partner veterinarians -- but we believe wholeheartedly that it is the very best way we can prevent dogs and cats from ending up without a home.


There are amazing animals waiting at the shelter right now, hoping a family will choose them.  You can check out their photos at We love adoption and hope you will consider it when you’re ready to bring home a new dog or cat.  


But, what if you can’t adopt right now? Maybe your house (like many of ours!) is already full of furry family members.  You can still help!


We spay/neuter at least 100 animals per month, so we are seeking 100 individuals or businesses who will commit to “adopting” a dog or cat each month by sponsoring their spay or neuter surgery.


For only $35 per month, you can not only be part of saving one life — you can also play a role in preventing hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless animals.


If you would like to sponsor an animal in honor or memory of a pet or loved one, you may also submit a photo of your honoree to be featured on our website.  


As always, thank you for your support and advocacy. We look forward to partnering with you as we bring together 100 donors committed to spaying and neutering 100 dogs and cats every month this year.


100 by 100.

Adopted Animals You Helped Spay or Neuter

Honor or Remember Your Loved Ones With a Sponsorship


spayed or neutered to date


if you have any other questions:



How will I know which animal I sponsored?  With 100 animals per month, we aren't able to match you with a specific animal every month.  We will, however, share the photos of some of the animals you have helped here on our website and in emails to our 100 sponsors.


Does it really only cost $35 to spay or neuter an animal?  No, definitely not. Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter subsidizes the cost of these surgeries with a contribution of $35 per animal, and the remaining cost is covered by the shelter and adoption fees. Our local veterinarian partners provide a deep discount to the shelter, typically performing these surgeries at their cost (and many times, at a loss) in service to our community.  We also partner with organizations that have grants or other sources of funding that allow them to provide low-cost surgical services.  Our contribution (your sponsorship) ensures that the shelter can afford to spay or neuter 100% of shelter dogs and cats prior to their adoption.


If I'm sponsoring in honor of a loved one or pet, how do I get their photo on the website?  Indicate the name of your honoree during the sign-up process, and then just send us an email with your honoree's photo.  We'll put it up here on the website for you.


Can I sponsor more than one animal each month?  Of course! Just select the number of animals you wish to sponsor during the sign up process.


Can I pay with a check each month?  Yes, email or call and let us know that is what you plan to do. 


What if I don't want to be listed as a sponsor on the website?  No problem.  Email and let us know. We'll list you as "anonymous" on the sponsor list.


What if I want to make a donation, but can't commit to $35 per month?  Every dollar counts.  To make a one time donation, just click here to hop on over to our donation page.


Can I cancel my sponsorship?  While we ask that you commit to sponsorship for at least a year, we know that sometimes circumstances change.  You may cancel your sponsorship at any time.

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