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Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2006. We began as an all-volunteer group providing beds and toys to shelter animals. As we grew, our support for the shelter did as well, and we were able to fund additional projects and improvements for the animals.

As of today, we have invested nearly $200,000 in spay/neuter programs, subsidized over 6,000 surgeries, and helped reduce preventable euthanasia by funding medical treatment for sick and injured animals at the shelter.

As a municipal, open-intake shelter, our partners at Tri-City Animal Shelter are frequently inundated with the most needy, hard to adopt animals. Despite this, they are recognized as one of the leading shelters in the region, doing an incredible job with the resources currently available.

We can do better, though. Our shelter is one of the few left in the metro area without on-site veterinary services. We want to provide a surgery suite and medical center so that our shelter partners can continue to serve this community well and improve outcomes for homeless, abandoned, and lost pets.

While raising $500,000 is an ambitious endeavor for a small organization such as ours, we are confident that, with the help of Friends like you, we can build this life-saving facility for our beloved shelter pets.

Ms. Corey Thompson, Executive Director
Ms. Jerry Korkisch, Campaign Chair

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