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When you're ready to adopt a new family member, visit Tri-City Animal Shelter located at 1150 E. Pleasant Run Road in Cedar Hill.

You can also check out the profiles of adoptable animals online at Petango or PetFinder.


Shelter Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-2PM, Closed Sunday

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Foster Care

Foster care continues to be one of the most critical needs of Tri-City Animal Shelter. Open your home to a foster pet and save a life.

Who needs foster care?

  • Moms with their litter of puppies or kittens

  • Orphaned puppies and kittens that are still too young for adoption

  • Sick or injured animals that need a little extra TLC

  • Animals with a contagious disease that need to be isolated from other animals

  • Adoptable dogs and cats that just aren't thriving in the shelter environment and would have a better chance of adoption while staying in a home


How can I become a foster family?
Visit Tri-City Animal Shelter to complete an application. Once approved, you will be contacted when animals in need of a foster home (and that fit your criteria) become available. If you are able to accept the animal, you will be provided with all the resources (including medications and veterinary care) needed to care for the animal until they can be adopted by their permanent family.

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