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Lost - Scared - Injured - Sick - Homeless - Not Wanted Any More!  

Can you imagine the confusion and fear animals are experiencing when they arrive at the Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center?  “What’s happening to me must be going through their minds.”  


Sadly, this is the experience of about 550-600 animals a month from the communities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto and Duncanville which the shelter serves.   If those numbers continue, which they likely will, the shelter will take care of over 7,000 animals in 2023.  It’s hard to fathom that number of animals in need. 


It’s equally difficult to imagine the immense amount of work and compassion the professional, loving, & dedicated staff members of the shelter, along with the Animal Control Officers demonstrate.  ALL of us should be so grateful for those who do this very difficult work. 


Your NTGD gift to the Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter allows us to fund a wide range of shelter needs…….surgeries for broken bones, infected eyes, broken teeth, spay & neuter; medicines for skin conditions, heartworm treatment, antibiotics……..the needs seem to be endless. 


So on behalf of June Bug, Tippy, Rover, Pineapple, Champ, Tango - plus thousands of others - THANK YOU for your gift to NTGD! 

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