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2020 Diamond Sponsor       Matching Challenge Sponsors

It’s amazing  when we all work together HOW much we can accomplish to benefit ALL the animals who come to the Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center in need!!!  Here are some of the things we’ve all accomplished. 


In August of 2021, the Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting of the Lifesaving & Learning Center (LLC) was held!  SO many people (including those of you who have donated to NTGD)  made this a reality!  The LLC is a state-of-the-art surgical facility to care for the animals who come to us in need………..whether that is broken bones or injuries caused by lack of treatment or fulfilling the Friends commitment to spaying/neutering all the animals who will be adopted.  (We all know this is the way to stop overpopulation.)  We all should take great pride in having raised $500,000 to make the LLC a reality! 


The very first afternoon the LLC was open, we housed dogs & cats who were evacuated from shelters in southern Louisiana because of Hurricane Ida. Shortly after that, we collaborated with Lancaster to support the dogs that were rescued during a cruelty investigation.  So, although the Friends primarily serve the 3 cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville & DeSoto, the shelter and the Friends are often called upon to collaborate with others and help them with a crisis.


Once you have a surgery facility, an X-Ray Machine is needed to “Let us See” what’s happening with the animal’s health.  Again, we were blessed with those who understood this critical need, and almost $50,000 was raised to make this a reality!  The day the machine was installed, a dog who’d been hit by a car was brought in, and we were able to determine what the best course of care was for that injured doggie.  


More than 7,000!!  What does that awfully high number represent?  The number of animals who we cared for in 2021!!  Sad to say, the numbers are on track for us to care for more than 7,000 animals in 2022!!!  (This could be animals being surrendered, strays, puppies, kittens, wildlife.)  This means we need more medications, more surgeries to ensure a healthier life, more spay/neuters and of course more food to feed all those empty tummies.  PLUS, another initiative of the Friends is to support our foster families with food & medicines for the animals in their care! 




Since 2006, champions have helped the shelter to achieve the kinds of outcomes we want; animals finding their fur-ever homes,  reducing overpopulation, and improving the happiness & health of animals in need!!


With your NTGD donation, you will be a “Champion” of the animals who come to the shelter!! 

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