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Fanny was severely injured by the fan blade of a car. One of our vets arrived within the hour to repair a laceration on her side and amputate her badly damaged ear.

Marigold came to us with a deep wound and a serious infection that had spread across her chest muscle. She received emergency surgery, antibiotics, and hydrotherapy.

Ellie had unexplained swelling on her skull that required x-rays. She also has a condition called entropion and will require eye surgery soon.

Willow, Kat, and 8 other high-risk dogs were transported across the country to waiting forever families.

Oscar was found whimpering at the bottom of a dumpster and is undergoing heartworm treatment.

Rocky and Chiquita found themselves lost on one of the hottest days of the year. They received life-saving emergency treatment for heat stroke while their worried owners rushed to the shelter.

Miracle needed an emergency c-section after being in labor for over 24 hours.

Phoebe's emergency veterinary bills were covered after her dedicated mom lost her job of 11 years due to COVID-19.  

These are just a handful of the dogs and cats that donors just like you helped this year.

The needs at the shelter are ever-increasing, especially during this unprecedented and tumultuous year. When many shelters shut down as the pandemic swept across North Texas, we never closed our doors to animals and families in need.

The Friends and staff of Tri-City Animal Shelter are committed to working together to provide every single animal entrusted to us with humane, compassionate, expert care -- but we can't do that without your help.

You continue to give and lives are being saved as a result. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.