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Spaying or neutering your pet is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.  Before an animal is adopted from the Tri-City Animal Shelter it is sterilized, vaccinated, and micro-chipped.  


We subsidize the cost of these services for every animal that needs to be spayed or neutered.  This subsidy ensures adoption remains affordable for our community, and that our animals are both healthy and safe in their new homes.


Spaying and neutering 100% of animals prior to their adoption from our shelter also guarantees that these animals will not contribute to overpopulation and the on-going burden of more and more dogs and cats without homes. 

Local veterinarians generously give of their time and resources to provide for the surgical needs of the shelter. Since 2013 the Friends have helped to spay or neuter over 9,000 shelter dogs and cats -- an investment of more than $300,000.​

Local Veterinary Partners:

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